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Stress Less, Live Well
May 2019

Join us on a eight week journey to discover the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce inflammatory response, stress hormone levels and improve attention span.

In May we are teaming up with the Australian College of Nursing to offer a massive 40% saving on our 8 week online mindfulness course.

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Creating a mentally safe workplace
June 2019

Employees rate working in a mentally safe workplace as even more important than physical safety.

Last year Australian businesses lost 10.9 Billion dollars due to untreated mental health conditions that resulted in absenteeism and work cover claims. The benefits of creating a mentally safe workplace are threefold, reduced absenteeism, improved engagement and decreased turnover.

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Stress Less, Live Well - retreat
Nov 2019

Join us on a five day retreat in Vietnam, as we explore incorporating mindfulness into everyday life. Enjoy daily meditations, exploring beautiful beaches, mountains and rice fields, and delicious food.

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Incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life can have many benefits. Reduce the impact of stress and everyday chaos, as easily as 15 minutes practise 3 times a week.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the symptoms of depression and anxiety can be alleviated by 8 weeks of practice.


Mental health at work is important

Having a workplace that places importance on employee mental and physical safety doesn’t just make you an employer of choice.

It will actually have an impact on your businesses bottom line.

In Australian10.9 billion dollars per year of lost productivity can be attributed to mental health conditions. Meaning that if your business is not creating a mentally safe environment, an environment were staff can disclose and be supported then it is costing your business.


Mental Health @ Home

Exploring nature is one of the easiest ways to relax and get back in touch with yourself, friends and family.

Being able to actually enjoy these times is a big part of learning to be mindful. How many times do you go to the beach or have a BBQ but really you are trawling through your to do list and anxiously waiting until you can get back to more important things…

My favourite time of year is nearly here, mushroom foraging time!!! Is there anything better then getting up early, loading the dogs and the wellies in the car and going hunting for pine mushrooms. Soooooo good.


Our vision

Life should be an adventure, a journey to be experienced.

Our passion at Mindful Innovative Action is that you witness your journey, that you can fully immerse yourself in life and enjoy what you do.

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