Hi Jen, I’m finding it easier to just be aware without having to visualise or think about what I hear.
Thanks for leading the journey
— Kerry - Stress Less, Live Well participant
Can’t believe how accurate my DiSC profile was, a bit scary really. It opened my eyes to the positive attributes I portray, but mainly to the negatives that I need to work on
— Pete - Leadership course participant
I love this sense of letting it all go!
And I’ve become aware of how tightly I hold onto thoughts and the accompanying (usually negative!) emotions...
— Margaret - Stress less Live Well participant
Relaxed and recharged after a crazy, busy week. Thank-you.
— Sharon - Stress less live well participant



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I have worked in the health industry for over 20 years.

I am a Registered Nurse clinically I have worked in Indigenous Health and Critical Care.

I have also worked in leadership roles for the last 15 years. Running research stations in Antarctica. Hospitals in Saudi Arabia and remote health services across Australia.

I have a Masters in Health Administration and post graduate clinical qualifications. Most recently I have conducted research into occupational violence and the risk factors that nurses encounter in the remote settings.