Our Partners


Peer & Mentor Support

Peer & mentor support are an amazing organisation who provide training and representation opportunities to consumers in the health, disability and aged care sector. Through educating individuals and organisations about the importance of being engaged in the healthcare system a more consumer centric system can develop.

Website https://peermentorsupport.com

Australian College of NUrsing

We are passionate about healthcare excellence and believe that nurses are in the best position to demonstrate best practice and be client advocates.

We have partnered with the Australian College of Nursing to deliver mindfulness training to nurses across Australia.

Jen is also the Chair of the Rural Nursing and Midwifery Community of Interest.




Australian Rural LEadership Foundation

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation has been developing and running leadership programs across rural Australia for over 30 years.

Their mission is leadership for the greater good. Jen our Founder and Director is a proud alumni and associate of the ARLF.

Website https://rural-leaders.org.au

OUtback Initiatives

Outback initiatives deliver the best experiential leadership courses in Australia (maybe even the world). We have been proud to work with them in the Kimberley as they work their magic on leaders, developing skills, self awareness and bonds that last a lifetime.