Infant & Child First Aid

Because parenting is hard enough

As a nurse, I have over 20 years experience working with families and children in emergency and the community.

I know how stressful it can be to have a sick child, when it is my nephew or niece, I immediately jump to the worst scenario.

I mean does that high temperature mean a cold or…..

and really what is that rash, is it measles, OMG eekkkk!!

That is why we joined forces with ParentMedic, the leading international provider of baby and child first aid to start providing affordable, best practice education and training to anyone who looks after a chid.

Knowing how to assess a temperature, use an epipen or managing a choking child is so important for parents and grandparents, plus having these skills make every day situations so much easier.


For Nurses by Nurses

CPD wasn’t meant to be boring

I had to do my annual mandatory training and it was so bad, simplistic, boring and totally unstimulating.

I wanted to learn something new and interesting, but I didn’t want to do another Uni course. So I went and learnt something interesting, I became a mindfulness based stillness meditation facilitator and a DiSC behavioural profiler. So much more interesting then another boring lesson on how to use a BGL machine….

Now I have started creating courses for nurses about topics that nurses actually care about.

Topics like

  • How to look after yourself; emotionally, physically and mentally.

  • How to work with bullies and difficult personalities

  • How to be a leader and get the job you have always wanted

  • A nurses role in implementing legislation like Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws and Advanced Care Directives

  • How to work with consumers, and be a patient advocate.