Education created for nurses by nurses


It all started when…

I had to do my annual mandatory training and it was so bad, simplistic, boring and totally unstimulating.

I wanted to learn something new and interesting, but I didn’t want to do another Uni course. So I did, I became a mindfulness based stillness meditation facilitator and a DiSC behavioural profiler. I developed experiential leadership programs and found myself camping in remote places with CEO’s and running leadership programs for foresters. I was a Station Leader in Antarctica, that was a lesson in practical psychology!!!

Now I have started creating courses for nurses about topics that nurses actually care about.

Topics like

  • How to look after yourself; emotionally, physically and mentally.

  • How to work with bullies and difficult personalities

  • How to be a leader and get the job you have always wanted

  • A nurses role in implementing legislation like Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws and Advanced Care Directives

  • How to work with consumers, and be a patient advocate.