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DiSC is Amazing

DiSC is a behavioural tool that can help you to build self awareness, team cohesion and give productive 360 feedback.

Jen is an accredited DiSC facilitator and has used DiSC with managers across Australia to improve self awareness.

This is my favourite behaviour tool for developing self awareness. It is simple, no tricky letters to remember…. anyone a IJTS or was that EJST???

Just simple, fully validated testing that gives you true insights into your behaviours and how you impact on others. Powerful knowledge if you are aiming to become a leader and you want to know how to influence those around you.

Learning about myself was illuminating and insightful
— Forestry Leadership Program
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Can’t believe how accurate my DiSC profile was, a bit scary really. It opened my eyes to the positive attributes I portray, but mainly to the negatives that I need to work on
— Forestry Leadership Program